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March 8, 2022

Partisan politics has no place in our non-partisan Green Bay City Council elections. I pledge that I will not accept or seek any support from any political party both during this campaign and, if elected, while serving my constituents on the Green Bay City Council. I furthermore will not become affiliated or engage with any political party during my term that would interfere with my nonpartisan position and service on the City Council. 


I recognize the local issues facing our city are nonpartisan, and it is those issues that I will focus on, avoiding issues that are beyond the scope of the City Council and our local government. I will actively listen to and consider multiple sides of an issue before arriving at an informed, ethical decision that I feel is in the best interest of my constituents. I will also ensure I am listening to the views and concerns of all constituents, regardless of party affiliation, in my service to our community and City. 


Michael J. Poradek

Candidate, District 11

Green Bay City Council

Any other candidate who would like their name added to the pledge, please contact me by clicking here.


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