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"I look forward to focusing on local issues that I know are important to neighbors. Through collaborative problem solving, creativity, and frequent open dialogue with residents, I am confident in our community's ability to achieve positive results together." - Michael Poradek
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Focus on Safety

Michael will work to actively address new and ongoing safety issues in our community, from speeding to violence. This includes providing adequate resources and personnel for our city, but ensuring open communication about current and potential issues with all residents in order to remain proactive. 

Engagement for Change

With a background and passion for both education and nonprofit work and a record of leadership with our local community organizations, Michael will continue to work to build new relationships between neighbors and organizations. Working together, we can truly impact our community and bring about positive change on issues that matter most, from affordable housing to helping neighbors most in need. 

Increase Communication

Communication is essential. Michael will work to improve and expand communication and access between himself and all residents, whether in person, online, or over the phone. This includes active participation in community events and meetings. 

Improve Infrastructure

Roads continue to be a topic of concern across the district. Michael will work to continue to focus attention and allocation of city resources toward road improvements. At the same time, he looks forward to supporting efforts to improve and expand bicycle and pedestrian access.

Economic Development

By exercising common sense principles on spending, Michael will work to make decisions that encourage fiscal responsibility and economic growth in Green Bay. At the same time, he will work to find new ways of supporting local business development opportunities. As the son of a former small business family, Michael understands the strong worth ethic and dedication that is the basis of our local small business community and will look to collaborate with business owners in the district, especially in the wake of the pandemic. 

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