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“We need to focus on long-term strategies rather than short-term fixes wherever possible in Green Bay. I plan to bring a collaborative approach, while maintaining open communication with all residents, to find and support new, fiscally responsible solutions to move us forward toward a common vision that is authentic to our city and community. This means focusing on local issues that impact us daily.
Fix the Roads

The poor condition of our roads continue to be a topic every election season in Green Bay - both for residents and visitors. Continued short-term fixes that waste taxpayer dollars are not the solution. Michael will work to promote a multi-year plan for road maintenance in the City's budget that allows for a long-term strategy. 

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Focus on Public Safety

Michael will work to actively address new and ongoing safety issues in our community, from speeding to violence. This includes providing adequate resources, personnel, and training for our city. It also means maintaining open communication about current and potential issues with all residents in order to remain proactive. 

Economic Development

Through a common sense approach to spending and budgeting, Michael will work to make decisions that are fiscally responsible for Green Bay. As a Planning Commissioner, he understands the need to continue to expand economic development throughout the district and city to expand the tax base while supporting existing local businesses. 

And more...

Whether working to provide quality, affordable housing, increasing communication with residents, or building stronger relationships with our local organizations, Michael is ready to get to work for Green Bay with a commitment to nonpartisan politics. To contact him to learn more, click here.

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